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GAO Finds Promising Practices to Boosting Employee Engagement

Declining employee engagement among the federal workforce is receiving high-level attention by the Administration and agency leadership.

The challenge of addressing sagging employee engagement is not unique to the public sector – Gallup research demonstrates the massive economic costs to disengagement among private sector employees too.

In government, the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) is used as a tool to gauge the workforce. A subset of FEVS questions form the Employee Engagement Index (EEI), which has fallen to a low point in 2014.

In an assessment of agency initiatives to boost employee engagement, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) identified six practices as key drivers of EEI, with constructive performance conversations being the strongest.

  drivers of engagement

GAO found that the resources, as well as analysis of FEVS data, developed by OPM to help agencies address employee engagement problems fall short of agency needs.

The full GAO report, Federal Workforce: Additional Analysis and Sharing of Promising Practices Could Improve Employee Engagement and Performance (GAO-15-585), can be accessed here. A podcast on the report can be accessed here

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