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This Valentine’s Day, Send Love to a National Park

A new PSA asks you to spend some of your V-Day budget on helping national parks and other vital institutions facing crippling budget cuts.

Jen Sall, a Los Angeles-based TV, film, and web producer, was sick of the overwhelming negativity on all of her social media feeds. Yes, these are urgent times and we have to come together. But can we come together over something positive? Can we come together over something as universal and positive as love? She's betting yes, and has joined forces with her long-time creative accomplice Brody Baker, CCO at the brand development agency Starworks Group, to create a PSA that aims to get us to do just that.

The PSA brings awareness to the huge budget cuts facing the National Parks, PBS, National Public Radio, National Endowment for Humanities, museums, libraries, and the list goes on. "Hiking, looking at art, these are all things that foster my creative spirit," says Jen "thinking about them getting cut is really scary." She read that Americans spend almost $20 billion a year on Valentine's Day and made the spot as a "visual love letter" to encourage the nation to reroute a portion of that money toward these agencies and organizations.


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