• House Republicans Target ‘Overly Generous Compensation’ for Feds

    House Republicans Target ‘Overly Generous Compensation’ for Feds

    The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee held a hearing last week centered on federal employee compensation. Specifically, the notion that feds are overpaid.

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OPM Issues Government-Wide Recruitment Guidance Developing a Hiring Pipeline for National Service Participants

Last Friday Katherine Archuleta, the new Director of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), issued a memo providing government-wide recruitment guidance to develop a pipeline for national service participants to the federal workforce. 

The memorandum and initial guidance follows the issuance of a July 2013 Presidential Memorandum on expanding volunteer and civil service opportunities for participants in national service programs. 

“As we face challenges ahead, the need to bring exceptional talent into public service has never been greater. Participants in our national service programs have transferable skills, work experience in areas aligned with agency missions (e.g., emergency and disaster services, education, environmental stewardship, economic opportunity, healthy futures), and a commitment to continue serving the public through the career civilian service. They are a source of talent that can enhance an agency’s workforce capacity to achieve its mission and should be included as part of your overall recruitment strategy,” Director Archuleta stated in the memo. 

The OPM memo includes broad recommendations for recruiting national service participants, including: 

  • Analyzing the future demands for the agency’s workforce and identifying appropriate occupations, competency requirements, and hiring strategies that align with national service experiences.
  • Establishing relationships with the Corporation for National Community Service (CNCS) and the Peace Corps “to better understand the value of national service experience to the Federal workforce.
  • Working with CNCS and other organizations to identify stakeholders in the national service field who can assist in outreach and job advertising of opportunities.
  • Expanding social media outreach to include national service stakeholders and participants in order to reach a broader audience.
  • Seek out collaborative recruiting relationships with colleges and universities, technical and trader schools, professional associations, and student organizations. 

OPM will be hosting a symposium in December “to enhance your agency’s understanding of how national service participants can add value to your workforce.”  

To access the OPM memo, Governmentwide Recruitment Guidance to Develop a Pipeline for National Service Participants to the Federal Workforce, click here

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