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Live Webinar: Fake News and Alternative Facts in Today’s Media World

In the past year, “fake news” went from an obscure term to a campaign concern to a political weapon. Now, if somebody doesn’t like your story, you could be labeled a purveyor of fake news.

How can the media respond – both to the onslaught of fake stories and to the unfair charges that critical stories aren’t legitimate? Should the media fact-check obviously fake stories, or does that just give them more life? We’ll discuss the latest in this troubling trend. And we’ll take questions from viewers.

Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2017, 12 p.m. Eastern


  • Jon Greenberg, staff writer, PolitiFact
  • Jesse Holcomb, associate director of research, Pew Research Center
  • Margaret Sullivan, media columnist for The Washington Post





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