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OPM Encourages Telework During Extreme Heat

Last week, the Office of Personnel Management’s Acting Director, Beth Cobert, issued a memo reminding agencies they can permit employees to telework during the excessive heat wave hitting the country, and to ‘be proactive in protecting the health and well‑being of our employees.’

Flexibility, OPM prompted in the letter, could be employed by agencies during times of extreme heat and humidity to reduce health risks.

“We should take all available steps to help protect our employees during potentially dangerous heat waves,” Cobert wrote in the memo. “Federal agencies are encouraged to remind their employees of the need to remain adequately hydrated during severe heat.”

Additionally, the letter recapped that employees who feel the severe heat may threaten their health or welfare may also request annual leave, earned compensatory time off, or credit hours. 

The letter also highlighted that, with supervisory approval, an employee could work remotely during days when air quality conditions are poor.

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